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Who We Are

PhotonIC Corp. is an emerging market leader in the development and production of highly integrated photonic and electronic solutions for such high-growth industries as data networking, consumer electronics, and high-end computing. Our goal is to leverage photonic integration to provide optical connectivity at every level—from board to board, from chip to chip, and even between processing cores within a single chip.

Corporate History

PhotonIC Corp. was founded in 2007 on the strength of the core technology developed over the course of more than a decade by its sister entity, APIC Corporation. Established in 1999, APIC has worked diligently on a set of photonic building blocks designed to answer the needs of a host of advanced military applications. PhotonIC Corp. was established with the express purpose of adapting this groundbreaking technology to the needs of the commercial sector.

To bolster these efforts, PhotonIC Corp. has forged a number of strategic partnerships with prominent academic institutions and has cultivated relationships with key commercial entities in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, and product development.

Our organization also benefits from its wholly owned subsidiary, Advanced Integrated Photonics (AIP), an in-house fabrication facility whose application of CMOS-compatible processes to silicon-on-insulator wafers allows us to attain additional performance and cost advantages.

Our enterprise is further supported by a team of industry leaders with decades of collective experience in the establishment, operation, and management of leading-edge technology efforts.

Today, PhotonIC Corp. remains committed to leveraging photonic integration to enhance the functionality of conventional electronics, thereby pushing system performance beyond the boundaries of Moore’s law.